OKC vs. ORL Recap

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I am using my website this time to do the recap. I feel like it will be easier to read.

The summary is this. OKC continues to take bad shots. Most of it is due to Melo and Westbrook just too lazy to run a play. Also Melo played terrible defense on Aaron Gordon. Some if it is due to poor floor spacing.

Let's start with the easy stuff.

Terrence Ferguson (-14 for the game) again played over Huestis and Abrines.

Why is that? He was missing easy shots and making rookie mistakes.

Seriously.. defensive 3 seconds??

Dakari Johnson

Dakari played this game for no reason. His minutes cost us this game when Grant or Patterson could play the center. He played like crap and made many rookie mistakes. He had no business playing in this game.

Why did Billy have Dakari check into the game Q3 2:53 left down 77-80.

Following plays

Nikola Vucevic makes finger roll layup (Evan Fournier assists)
Nikola Vucevic makes 9-foot hook shot
Dakari Johnson misses layup
Dakari Johnson shooting foul

Lead went to 10 in 2 minutes. You do this in the 3rd quarter when we are down?

Steven Adams

Overall he played like normal. Nothing good or bad. Decent defense. Some offense. My biggest problem is that Adams dies on rolls most of the time. I don't think itAdams knows how to catch the pass, roll and then kick it out to the open 3.

It's a perfect setup for Adams to take the pass and continue rolling and then kick it out. Look at what Jerami Grant does below.

Paul George

He had an okay game. But he got inflicted with the Melo/Westbrook syndrome at times and took bad shots.

George had two people wide open but takes contested shot.

Carmelo Anthony

Yo this man just takes bad shots. He takes so many contested jumpers it's not even funny.

WTF is this. We are down 8 and you take that kind of low percentage shot? He was doing this all game too!

Again we are down 3. He resorts to take a crappy shot again? I can see if you are hot. But Anthony was broke all game. This is just unacceptable. Melo gets so much of the blame for losing.

Russell Westbrook

Russ is a point guard. He had a great 4th quarter... when we were already down 20. Westbrook has got to play smarter and not take bad shots. But I wouldn't say he was the reason we lost.

 Russell starts off by taking bad pull-up jumpers. He's not even open. This type of cancerous shot becomes epidemic. It causes Melo to think he should take pull-ups because he is a better shooter than Russ. Also same for Paul George. If the opportunity cost of not taking a pull-up is Russ taking a pull-up, Melo and George will take more contested shots...

 Russell Westbrook. He is just always trying to go for the steal. He really needs to watch film and know when to guard his man and when to gamble for a steal. This was just poor defense. It was an epidemic most of the game.

What the hell is this shot. We are down 3 and you pull-up a contested shot? Also look at the bad floor spacing on the upper side. Can't even launch a pass cross court. It'll get stolen. George should have gotten closer to Russ to spread it out.

Andre Roberson

The boy started off really bad on offense. He was so bad at floor spacing. Why does he do this? He just stands in the corner.

It happens way too often. He squeezes the floor space. It doesn't let Adam roll. Adams will get the ball stolen if Russ makes any passes.

The Good Roberson. Roberson needs to be cutting at all times when his man doesn't guard him.

Roberson setting picks and rolling for Westbrook. I would like to note... Adams does not do this well at all. Adams rolls are so bad.

 Melo passing to the cutting Roberson.

George passing to the cutting Roberson.

Here's the point. Roberson has skills. It's upto Melo and Westbrook to use him or not use him. If they don't use him and rather take contested shots, they should not have Roberson on the floor. 

Now finally my favorite part.. my favorite player so far this season... Jerami GRANT!! This guy needs to play more minutes at center for two reasons:

  1. His P&R defense is great. He does not automatically switch like Steven Adams does. He is fast enough to hedge and recover to his man. This is important. How many times have we seen Steven Adams die on the pick and just switch? You say that this is Billy Donovan's fault. Well... clearly Jerami Grant does not die on these picks and just switch.
  2. Jerami Grant help defense is awesome. He is an able and willing shot blocker to protect the paint. Centers need to have this skill. Adams does not. Nor does Patrick Patterson or Dakari Johnson.
  3. Jerami Grant is amazing on offense in the paint. He is an willing and able to roll on picks and finish time after time. Now let's watch some of his film.

Look at this pick and roll!! Can Adams do this?? No!!! Adams cannot catch nor run. Adams is a ball stopper.

Again Jerami Grant knows how to roll and get a pass to finish! 

Look at my boy Jerami playing help defense! This is a dominant help defender.

Look at the man hedge and recover!! When does Adams ever do this regularly? He just switches. This is not Billy's fault that Adams is lazy to hedge and recover.

In summary... OKC had no chance of winning. We played Ferguson and Dakari Johnson. Two rookies who aren't that great. They just blew the game open when they came in.

We also saw great things from Roberson and Jerami Grant. We also saw terrible shot selection from the Big 3. Next game I expect to see more Jerami Grant at center!

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